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Have you traveled to the Galapagos? Do you have photos of Galapagos penguins?

Help us build our understanding of Galapagos penguins by submitting your photos!

Why do we need photos of Galapagos penguins? 

Photos will tell us when and where Galapagos penguins are seen. We seek photos of penguin faces and feet, as well as penguins molting, feeding, and standing on shore. Any additional information you send can give us clues about what they are eating, when they are molting, and when they have young. See examples of the types of photos most helpful to us.

By knowing when penguins are breeding, molting, and when juveniles are present, we will have a better understanding of how their population is faring.

Check out the map to see where penguins have been sighted!

Click on a placemarker for more information about the sighting.

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For more information about penguins, visit penguinstudies.org

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